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This company was established in 1378 as a family business with the aim of producing and making the country needless of importing the glass lids. The company reached the mass production with manufacturing glass lids of size 66 by purchasing machinery from Germany in 1380.
Given the advanced technology of production, the use of high quality raw materials and capability of manufacturing printed lid (first manufacturer of printed lids in Iran), the company have received much attention by the food industry owners from the very beginning of production. Most of well-known food industries have been placed on the list of company’s customers.
Considering the large imports of glass lids of size 63, the company decided to purchase equipment and molds to produce glass lids of size 63 in the third production year. The company has been able to make country needless of its imports.
Given the high quality of the manufactured products, with the export attitude of the managers and opulent effort, the company has developed a good export market since early production process. The company has introduced itself as the first exporter of glass lid in the country.
Regarding the domestic sales, export market, the need for production diversity and increasing production rate, decision was taken on development the company. Finally, Rashid Glass Lid Company which is the development plan of Tabriz Glass Lid Company was established in the new location in 1386.

The company reached the mass production in 1386 by purchasing ultra-modern production line from Germany which is unparalleled in the Middle East.

Given the production rate of 1200 lids per minute with a new production line and 400 lids per minute with the previous line and total production capacity of 1600 glass lids with various sizes, the company received the title of “the biggest and most-equipped glass lid production center” in the country.


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